Si Nan National Park

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Si Nan National Park (Thai: อุทยานแห่งชาติศรีน่าน) is a national park in Thailand's Nan Province. This mountainous park is home to steep cliffs and a long section of the Nan River.

Si Nan National Park is about 80 kilometres (50 mi) south of the town of Nan in the Wiang Sa, Na Noi, and Na Muen districts of Nan Province. The park's area is 1,024 square kilometres (395 sq mi). The park's highest point is the Khao Khun Huai Huek peak at 1,234 metres (4,049 ft). The Nan River flows for about 60 kilometres (40 mi) through the park.

The cliffs Pha Chu and Pha Hua Sing offer scenic views of the park's mountainous terrain. Kaeng Luang is a popular rafting spot along the Nan River.

The park features forest types including deciduous and mixed. Tree species include Irvingia malayana, krabak, Malabar ironwood, makha, Xylia xylocarpaDalbergia oliveri and Vitex pinnata.

The park serves as a sanctuary for animal species, some endangered, including tiger, leopard, fishing cat, wild boar, mouse deer, masked palm civet and treeshrew.


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