Kilkenny Airport


Kilkenny Airport (IATA: KKY, ICAO: EIKK) is an airport located 1.5 NM (2.8 km; 1.7 mi) west of Kilkenny in County Kilkenny, Ireland. The aerodrome was founded in 1963 by John Hehir, Martin Mulhall, Patrick Nolan and Edward Stallard. All founding members were active pilots and natives of Kilkenny.

The aerodrome was first licensed by the Department of Transport and Power on the 30th April 1965. The aerodrome has remained licensed each year since first licence issue. The current licence holder is Irish Skydiving Club Limited. The aerodrome consisted originally of two grass runways, but in 1976, this was reduced to a single runway (09/27) and the main runway was extended to 930 meters. It is the longest privately licensed runway in Ireland. It is an ICAO Category 2 Runway.

There is a parachute club and flying club based at the aerodrome and the aerodrome facilitates private domestic aircraft and private international flights, mainly from the UK. There are a number of private light aircraft based at the aerodrome.

Kilkenny Airport is home of the Kinair Air Rally, which ran every year for 25 years and was organised by Mr Patrick Nolan.

Kilkenny Airport was funded each year by Kilkenny County Council from 1976 to 2007. These funds assisted with the development of the airport and subsidised the operating costs of the airport. Kilkenny County Council has supported the development of Kilkenny Airport and the aerodrome has been specifically stated in the Kilkenny County Development Plan to support its development plan since 1994 to current plan (2014–2020)







Lat: 52.650833130 - Lng: -7.296111107