Natural History Museum


In the centre of Mauritius’ capital Port Louis, in the colonial villa of the Mauritian Institute, the Natural History Museum is situated. Especially for a calm and cool rest from the hustle and bustle this is the place to be. While resting you can extend your knowledge about Mauritius’ flora and fauna. The museum has been founded in 1842 and is Mauritius’ oldest public museum.

The exhibition consists of four rooms. In the first, the main hall, extinct sea and shore birds are exposed. The second gallery is dedicated to the underwater world. More than 100 species of fish which exist in Mauritian waters are shown. Huge stuffed fish are hanging from the ceiling. Besides uncountable different kinds of shells can be seen. Among them a 70 kg giant clam. In the third hall information about geologie and meterologie of the mainland is provided. Extinct, stuffed giant turtoises can are exhibited in the centre of the hall. In the showcases from the water cyclus to fossils, to insects, butterflys, different types of wood, to a outsized plastic snail modell everything is shown. The last and forth room is, in my opinion, the highlight of the museum. Is has just been renovated and the exhibition is more modern than the other ones. Everything in here is about the famours landmark – the dodo. Its significance is shown with the aid of matchboxes, stamps or banknotes where a dodo has been printed on. Both a replication as some skeletons of the abnormal pigeon can be seen. A movie shows the current excavation of dodo sceletons in Mare aux Songes of a Mauritian-Dutch team.

Opening Hours:
Monday to friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Entrance is free of charge

Mauritius Institute Building, Chaussée, Port Louis
(inbetween Jardin de la Compagnie and Government House)
phone: +230 212 0639




Lat: -20.163177490 - Lng: 57.502243042