Vorres Museum


The vorres Museum is a cultural foundation that was established in 1983. The museum sprawls over six acres and is divided into two main sections: the museum of contemporary Greek art and the folk art museum, both of which house collections that cover at least 2500 years of Greek history. In the contemporary part, paintings, installations and sculptures created exclusively by Greek artists are exhibited and the folk art section houses antiquities, icons, ceramics, popular artifacts and objects used in daily Greek life centuries ago. The Museum is situated near the airport, in Paiania, a suburb of Athens.

125 St.Nomismatokopeio (metro station) - Peania - Varkiza (from St.Nomismatokopeio bus stop: 1st Agias Triados - from Varkiza bus stop: 2nd Agias Triados) 

308 St.Nomismatokopeio (metro station) - Peania - Koropi (from St.Nomismatokopeio bus stop: 1st Agias Triados - from Koropi bus stop: 2nd Agias Triados) 

307 St.D.Plakentias - Gl.Nera - Koropi (metro station) (from Koropi bus stop: 2nd Agias Triados - from St.D.Plakentiass bus stop: 1st Agias Triados) 

When you get off the bus at Agias Triados str., you should follow Diadochou Constantinou str. according to the map, to reach after a five minute walk (1st Agias Triados) or after a ten minute walk (2nd Agias Triados) the museum.

ADREESS: 1 Parodos Diadochou Konstantinou, 190 02 Paiania,

E-MAIL: info@vorresmuseum.gr

WEBSITE: www.vorresmuseum.gr


Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 - 14:00


Weekdays by appointment only and for groups of twenty (20) persons or more.

source http://www.thisisathens.org/explore/venues-attractions/museums-monuments/museums-monuments/?Id=52



Lat: 37.953258514 - Lng: 23.847259521