Perissa is one of the most developed beach resorts on the island with a lively life both day and night. Here, as in Kamari, mass tourism and trade is getting stronger and stronger with the opening of new hotels.

The long black sand beach is well-organized, with camping on the beach, with all most popular water sports, regular ferry service leading to the nearby bays and beaches (the Red Beach, the White Beach, Kambia, ...). Also Kamari, located behind the Mesa Vouniò mountain that separates the two villages, can be easly reached from Perissa by boat.

Being a volcanic island, the sea is very deep already a few steps from the foreshore and the ocean is very cold. The organized beach offers beach resorts with excellent fish tavernas, bars and chalets on the seafront playing dance music. During the night the waterfront also offers a lively nightlife.

Perissa beach and its promenade naturally outreaches Perivolos beach, which offers same services and facilities as Perissa both day and night, but, differently from Perissa, in Perivolos there isn't a real town center with shops and houses.

Perivolos, located just a couple of km from Perissa, is only a seaside resort, well developed and organized with hotels, establishments on the beach, restaurants and "psarotavera" (fish tavern), and a number of premises on the seafront committed to fun and dancing all day long. In Perivolos beach in the afternoon everyone dances, at Chilli Bar, for example, and just want to have fun, drinking and confusing night and day ... for many it is difficult to get a tan in Perivolos.




Lat: 36.357120514 - Lng: 25.474882126