Orino Gorge


The Gorge (of) Orino or canyon red butterfly is a canyon in southeastern Crete. Located near the village of Mountain Lassithi and 5 km in length. Regarded as one of the most beautiful gorges.

In 1993, after a major fire, the canyon was a major disaster. But now, the green vegetation and the canyon have been fully restored. Before the fire, the canyon, there were countless red butterflies (hence named the canyon with red butterflies), which still exist but have been reduced to a great extent. Also characteristic of the gorge is the many small streams and small waterfalls that exist throughout the route. The canyon could conceivably be divided into 3 parts. The first part is green with lush vegetation. In the second part, after one hour journey, there is a mountainous region and cultivated in the third part, towards the end of the gorge, very quickly begin to rise the rocks and mountains to look better.

The canyon starts from the village and reaches the Mountain Koutsoura about 21 kilometers east of Ierapetra. The course does not exceed 4 hours in summer and winter is a little rough because of sources and waterfalls running. The Canyon Mountain, like most, has signs pointing the way you have to cross. But where they should be very careful that someone crosses the canyon because it is very easy to get confused and lost his way.



Mountain Lassithi

Lat: 35.044445038 - Lng: 25.934167862