Lachanas Military Museum


The Lachanas Military Museum (Greek: Στρατιωτικό Μουσείο Λαχανά) is a Military museum near Thessaloniki, Greece, dedicated to the Battle of Kilkis-Lahanas.

The museum, which is visitable by appointment, chiefly contains mementoes of the Greek and Bulgarian military units which took part in the battle. In the forecourt there are three captured Bulgarian cannons, one of 12 cm calibre, one of 5 cm calibre, and one muzzle-loader.

Inside there are a large relief map showing the movements of the units and the clashes between the Greek and Bulgarian armies; 8 mm Greek and Bulgarian Mannlichers; submachine guns; machine guns; shells; cannons; bayonets; swords of commanding units; Greek military uniforms (the most important of which is the one worn by Lieutenant-Colonel Papakyriazis, who was killed at the Battle of Lahanas); and two full-length portraits of the Greek protagonists in the Balkan Wars, Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos and Crown Prince Constantine. Also of note are four paintings by Kenan Messare, who was the son of the Ottoman commander Hasan Tahsin Pasha, who surrendered Thessaloniki to the Greeks, and followed Constantine on the Epirus campaign and into the Second Balkan War. They depict scenes from the Battle of Lahanas during the Second Balkan War.





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