Paralio Astros


Paralio Astros (Greek: Παράλιο Άστρος) is a port serving the inland town of Astros, Arcadia, Greece. It is part of the municipality North Kynouria and is considered a traditional settlement.

Paralio Astros possesses beaches and a harbour (renovated im 2015) which can accommodate small ships. A medieval Frankish fortress commands the heights of a peninsula called "The Island" which juts out to form the harbour. The main square is at the foot of the castle mount.

Today, Astros' principal industry is tourism. It is a popular vacation spot for inhabitants of Tripoli and other parts of Greece. As of 2011, the port had 1,043 permanent inhabitants.




Paralio Astros

Lat: 37.415229797 - Lng: 22.764751434