Monastery Prodromou


The Prodromou monastery, dedicated to John the Baptist, is the most visually stunning with its stone building and wooden balconies overhanging the cliffside. Its foundation dates back to 1167. It was a rich establishment originally. The monastery was accidentally dissolved in 1834.

All it relics and records were carted off in 16 mules. The monks rebuilt the monastery’s wealth through hard work, building mills and keeping livestock. The church is dug into the cliffside with 16th century frescoes and balconies. The old wooden door leading into the monastery is riddled with bullet holes that bear witness to the April 16, 1779, attack by Albanian troops under Ottoman command. At the time, the monastery was full of women and children, but for some unknown reason the attack failed.

Spring is the best time to appreciate the natural beauty and extraordinary monasteries of the Lousios Gorge. The Lousios Gorge photos were provided by Despina Siolas, Md. /Ph.D. Dr. John G. Siolas’ research was based on primary Greek documents.




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