In the prefecture of Messinia, the community newspaper of the Municipality of Messina, located Polylimnio, a cluster of several lakes which are due to the rough terrain creates Lakes and waterfalls.

The Mafrilimna lakes Kefalovriso, Mavrolimna after cataract of Kadesh dominates among the large and sharp rocks of the canyon, with its waters to burst on the surface of the lake from a height of 25 meters.

The number of lakes enables visitors to see and places remarkable not particularly tired as their local road finishes near other lakes, left Kadesh, Italian, Stathoulias and right the Mafrilimna the Mavrolimna and the path that connects and reaches by Kadi.

Access to the community of Daybreak Voufrados municipality is easy as it is located between Pylos kaiMessinis.

In the intermediate and more specifically in the community Kazarma signposted leading community newspaper and its final destination Polilimnio.



Lat: 36.981849670 - Lng: 21.850475311